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December 11, 2000

RE: Please support the California Voter Foundation

Dear Friends,

It has been an incredible year for the California Voter Foundation. I'm writing to share some of our accomplishments with you, and to ask for your financial support as we prepare for the challenges ahead.

The California Voter Foundation (CVF) currently operates on an annual budget of $200,000, with two full-time staff, one part-time, and intern support from UC Davis. (continued)

December 7, 2000

RE: CVF NEWS round up

In this issue of CVF-NEWS:

* CVF offers new web page of links to Voting Technology Resources
* CVF President's "Fresh Air" interview available online
* Democracy Online project finds more voters went online for election information
* Absentee ballot count completed in California
* CVF president to travel to the Basque Country to speak on the Internet and Democracy (continued)

December 1, 2000

RE: Initiative Watch Update

Now that the 2000 elections are over (almost!), some people are starting to focus on the March 5, 2002 ballot, especially when it comes to ballot measures. Four are already in circulation or pending signature verification and three have been submitted to the Attorney General for title and summary. (continued)

November 29, 2000

RE: Today on Fresh Air - Voting Technologies

Just a quick email to let you interview for Fresh Air on voting technologies will air today, Wednesday, November 29. It plays at different times on different stations, and in some markets will air tomorrow morning. Below is a short program description from the Fresh Air web site -- I hope you'll be able to listen in! -- Kim Alexander

* * * * * * * * * *

Fresh Air with Terry Gross -- Wednesday, November 29, 2000:

Alexander Keyssar discusses his new book, "The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States," which argues that the wealthy and well educated are far more likely to go to the polls than the poor and under-educated. And, Terry talks with Kim Alexander, President of the California Voter Foundation, which was organized to pioneer new technologies to improve democracy.

November 28, 2000

RE: "Fresh Air", dot coms, privacy & voting tech.

In this edition of CVF-NEWS:

* CVF President will be a guest on NPR's "Fresh Air" this week
* NY Times story reports bad news for political dot coms, good news for nonprofits
* Industry Standard reports on voter information and privacy
* California's Speaker, Secretary of State propose funding for voting technology upgrades
* CVF "Voting Technologies" commentary available online (continued)

November 17, 2000

RE: Internet resources about voting technology

There has been a flurry of stories recently about voting technologies and Internet voting in relation to the counting and recounting issues in Florida. I'd like to point CVF-NEWS subscribers to a couple of outstanding online resources for information on these topics. (continued)

November 15, 2000

RE: Voting technology and our electoral process

Though the election is over, the vote counting continues in Florida as well as in California and other parts of the country. The dispute over ballot counting and the so-called "butterfly ballot" used in Palm Beach, Florida has launched a nationwide discussion about our electoral process and how new technologies can be used to improve the speed and accuracy of the vote casting and vote counting process.

Over the past week I have been giving a lot of thought, as well as several interviews, about these questions and am taking a moment to share some opinions with CVF-NEWS subscribers. (continued)

November 8, 2000

RE: Voter turnout in California approaches record levels

California voters turned out in large numbers yesterday, with approximately 11 million people casting ballots around the state. As of this afternoon, turnout is at 63.2 percent of registered voters, but election officials have yet to count an estimated 1 to 1.5 million absentee ballots. (continued)

November 7, 2000

RE: Election returns on the Net; districts to watch

CVF has compiled a directory of web sites featuring election returns on the Internet, which you can find on our web site at (click here for a short summary of various resources for watching online voter returns)

November 6, 2000

RE: Voters beware of last-minute email attacks!

There is a lot of disinformation swirling around right now about the election, and the California Voter Foundation is urging voters to exercise caution when confronted with any last-minute political messages in your email box.

There is good reason for concern -- already we are hearing reports of fraudulent email messages circulating around the Internet. (continued)

November 3, 2000

RE: Top Ten Prop Donors updated thru Nov 2

The California Voter Foundation's lists of the Top Ten Donors for and against the eight California propositions now includes contributions received through yesterday, November 2. You can find our Top Ten Donors list online at

Our summary figures have not changed, and still reflect the amount raised, spent and cash on hand as of October 21.

Have a great weekend!

November 1, 2000

RE: CVF's Analysis of California's Ballot Measures

I am very pleased to announce CVF's nonpartisan analysis of the eight propositions on the November 2000 ballot.

We welcome and appreciate your help in getting this analysis out to as many people as possible; if you do redistribute this, please be sure to include the "about" section and attribute the California Voter Foundation. CVF's analysis is also available for republication; email or call me if you are interested.

Here's hoping for an informed electorate on November 7th!

October 31, 2000

RE: Proposition campaigns raise $120 million through 10/21/00

Sacramento, CA -- California proposition campaigns raised $120.5 million through October 21 to support and oppose eight measures on the state's November 7th ballot, according to figures released today by the California Voter Foundation. Prop. 38, which would create a school voucher program, is the most expensive campaign so far, with committees supporting and opposing the measure raising a combined total of nearly $60 million.(continued)

October 31, 2000

RE: CA Secretary of State shuts down vote-swapping site

There are a bunch of stories in the news today about some new web sites that are facilitating vote-swapping in the Presidential election. The main objective of these sites is to help voters who support Green party candidate Ralph Nader avoid casting "spoiler" votes that take votes away from Democratic candidate Al Gore and end up helping to elect Republican candidate George W. Bush. (continued)

October 30, 2000

RE: oops! that's not his name...

It has been brought to my attention by a few attentive CVF-NEWS readers that I made a goof on my last our Campaign Web Site Index, we mistakenly reported the Vice-President's name as Alan Gore. For the record, it's Albert Gore. My apologies for the mistake, which has been corrected on our online web site index.

To make up for it, I'm passing along the address for a fun little web site a friend told me about, where you can morph Al Gore and George Bush's faces -- if you are in need of a humorous reprieve from this election season, check out

October 30, 2000

RE: Districts to Watch, Campaign Web Site Index

It's getting down to the wire and we are keeping busy here at the CVF headquarters. We are working on updating our Top Ten donors and summary figures for the California proposition campaigns, and will email CVF-NEWS subscribers as soon as our research is complete. We are also getting ready to publish an impartial analysis on each of the eight ballot measures and will be sending that out soon too. (continued)

October 24, 2000

RE: State voter guides flourish on the Web!

Voter education is alive and well on the Internet! This election season, the California Voter Foundation put together an online directory of links to state-level voter information resources. We built this directory because in the past we have found that while there is plenty of coverage of the Presidential election, it is often difficult for voters to access reliable information about state and local races. (continued)

October 23, 2000

RE: Late contributions, US Senate debate, Cal Channel

In this issue of CVF-NEWS:

* Online disclosure of late contributions begins TODAY
* Feinstein & Campbell to meet for two U.S. Senate debates
* Tune in to Cal Channel for more election news (continued)

October 20, 2000

RE: Please tell your friends about!

We really need your help to get the word out about our awesome new voter guide. The biggest complaint we hear is that people didn't find out about our web site sooner! As you know, the California Voter Foundation is a nonprofit organization with limited resources and we rely on the news media, our friends and supporters to help spread the word about CVF. (continued)

October 10, 2000

RE: CA Prop Campaigns Raise $82 Million through 9/30/00

We are pleased to announce the release of our updated Top Ten Donor List for California propositions, including money raised through September 30, 2000, for and against each proposition on November's ballot. California proposition campaigns raised $82.5 million through September 30 to support and oppose the eight measures on the November 7th ballot, according to the California Voter Foundation's most recent analysis. (continued)

October 6, 2000

RE: CVF-NEWS Round up

In this issue of CVF-NEWS:

* Voter Registration Deadline is Tuesday, October 10
* Commonwealth Club Address - Tuesday, October 10
* Governor Says No to Electronic Filing Software & Internet Voting bills
* Internet voting experiments slated for four California counties (continued)

October 4, 2000

RE: Top Ten Donors List debuts on the Net!

California proposition campaigns raised $23.6 million through June 30 to support and oppose eight measures on the state's November 7th ballot, according to figures released today by the California Voter Foundation.

The nonprofit group analyzed ballot measure fundraising and spending for all eight measures and found that Prop. 39 is the most expensive campaign so far, with committees reporting a combined total of $8.6 million raised to support and oppose this measure. (continued)

October 3, 2000

RE: Tonight's presidential debate

Get your VCRs and popcorn ready, because tonight is the big night -- the first of three Presidential debates between Al Gore and George W. Bush. The debate is taking place tonight in Boston, and begins at 6 p.m. Pacific time. (continued)

September 28, 2000

RE: CVF's Fall 2000 California Online Voter Guide Debuts on the Net!

California voters looking for reliable election information on the Internet will hit the mother lode when they visit, where, starting today, voters can access the new California Online Voter Guide, a nonpartisan clearinghouse of information and links about this year's election. (continued)

September 27, 2000

RE: CVF's Voter Guide to Debut Tomorrow!

The CVF team is hard at work putting together the new, Fall 2000 edition of our California Online Voter Guide, which makes its Internet debut tomorrow morning. Please join us for our voter guide launch and online demonstration of the new voter guide.....




  Kim Alexander, CVF president & founder, and the CVF staff

California Online Voter Guide Launch and Demonstration

Thursday, September 28, 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

CVF headquarters, 2401 L Street, Second Floor

Details: An online demonstration of the voter guide will begin at 10:15 a.m. Coffee and muffins will be served. RSVP's are appreciated.

About the guide: The California Online Voter Guide is a clearinghouse of election resources, contact information and web site links for every state and federal contest on California's ballot. Now in its seventh edition, the guide is produced by the California Voter Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in 1994 to advance new technologies to improve democracy. For more information, visit CVF's web site at

If you have any questions or want to RSVP for the launch, please call (916) 325-2120 or write to

September 19, 2000


In this CVF-NEWS Round-up:

* Web White & Blue State-by-State Directory Update
* California Online Voter Guide to debut Sept. 28
* California's Easy Reading Voter Guide Debuts
* CVF in the News -- NY Times, Washington Post
* California FPPC Commissioner Karen Getman profiled in LA Times
* Presidential Candidates Agree to Debates
* Alliance for Better Campaigns launches (continued)

September 18, 2000

RE: State-by-State Election Directory Debuts on Web White & Blue

We are very pleased to announce today's debut of the State-by-State Directory of Election Information! This is a new feature of the Web White & Blue 2000 project, sponsored by the Markle Foundation. The California Voter Foundation produced this directory for the Web White & Blue 2000 project to highlight outstanding state-level voter information resources available from state election agencies and nonprofits and to help voters across the country make more informed election choices.

For more details, please see today's release. I hope you'll also take a moment to visit the directory online at We will be updating this directory throughout the election season, so please feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions.

September 7, 2000

RE: Celebrating California's Admission Day!

This weekend marks the 150th anniversary of California's admission into the Union. September 9th is California's "birthday" as a state, and to celebrate this event a living history festival has been organized for this coming weekend.

The celebration will take place at Capitol Park in downtown Sacramento, and will feature exhibits highlighting the various exciting periods of California's history. The event kicks off on Friday at 10 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 10th. California's Sesquicentennial is also being commemorated with a special "California Statehood" stamp from the U.S. Postal Service, which is helping to coordinate the event, along with the Office of the Governor, California State Parks, and Native Sons of the Golden West. Event sponsors include Coca-Cola, AARP, the California Restaurant Association, the Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) and the National Rifle Association.

You can find out much more about the festivities on the Web at , which features some really great information about California's history, including a "time portal" that provides extensive historical highlights going back almost 500 years.

Capitol Park is located in downtown Sacramento, between 10th and 13th Streets and L and N Streets. This is a free event, and the weather in Sacramento has been lovely all week, so I hope you and yours will find a chance to visit Capitol Park this week and partake in the festivities! Lots of other events are being coordinated around the state as well, so be sure to check your local listings too to find out what's happening in your area.

August 29, 2000

RE: California Legislature takes up free electronic filing software bill

The California Legislature is rapidly wrapping up its work for the 1999-2000 legislative session, which is scheduled to end this Thursday, August 31. One of the bills being considered among the hundreds is SB 1874, authored by Senator Richard Polanco (D), and co-authored by Senator Ross Johnson (R). (continued)

August 22, 2000

RE: CVF stories and pics from the Democratic National Convention!

I have returned from Los Angeles and my maiden voyage to a national political convention and thought CVF-NEWS subscribers might like to read my review. (For those who would rather just see the pictures, you can find some at; otherwise, just click here to read the full story.)

August 15, 2000

RE: CVF celebrates 6 years on the Net!

Los Angeles -- The California Voter Foundation is serving up chocolate anniversary cake from its booth on Democracy Row at the Democratic National Convention today to celebrate the nonprofit's six year anniversary on the Internet. The non-partisan group advances new technologies to improve democracy and publishes the California Online Voter Guide, a groundbreaking innovation in electronic democracy. (continued)

August 10, 2000

RE: CVF to kick off 6 year anniversary celebration at Demo Convention

Next week the California Voter Foundation kicks off a celebration of our six year anniversary on the Internet by serving anniversary cake at our booth on Democracy Row at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.

If you will be attending the convention I hope you will stop by our booth on Tuesday, August 15 at 2 p.m. and join us for some delicious chocolate cake! Below are more details about the anniversary celebration, Democracy Row, and CVF media availability during the convention. Your RSVP for the anniversary party is appreciated, but not required. (continued)

August 4, 2000

RE: Election Resources Round-Up

In this edition of CVF-NEWS:

* Initiative Watch 2000 update
* Draft ballot pamphlet now available online
* Secretary of State offers voter registration web form (continued)

July 20, 2000

RE: CVF in the News Round-Up

This edition of CVF-NEWS features a round-up of recent news stories featuring CVF. The first one is about a new, East Bay company that has registered hundreds of proposition campaign domain names in order to broker those addresses to political campaigns. There are several new stories here about Internet voting as well, including a link to a recent white paper co-authored by CVF Board member David Jefferson. (continued)

July 13, 2000

RE: CVF Will be on KQED's Forum Show July 17

I'll be a guest this coming Monday, July 17th on KQED's Forum, a daily radio talk show hosted by Michael Krasny. The topic to be discussed is voter education, and other guests include Adelaide Elm of Project Vote Smart (, who will be sharing the results of her group's National Political Awareness Test, and Trudell Een, director of the League of Women Voters' Smart Voter project (

The show airs from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. on 88.5 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was very pleased to learn that KQED has begun offering live audio of its broadcast over its web site. So, if you are outside the listening area but would like to tune in to this discussion, point your browser to on Monday morning at 9 a.m.

July 11, 2000

RE: California Propositions Assigned Numbers

Well it looks like Californians will be voting on eight ballot measures this November, five that made it through the public initiative qualification process and three that were placed on the ballot by the state legislature. The measures cover a range of topics including campaign finance reform, drug treatment programs, local school bonds, and school vouchers. (continued)

July 10, 2000

RE: "Campaigning on the Internet" Workshop at Davis

This Saturday, July 15th, I'll be leading a workshop at UC Davis' Political Campaign Management Institute about how to integrate the Internet into a campaign communications strategy. While the cost for the Institute is $545 for the entire weekend of events, my workshop itself is free to a limited number of California Voter Foundation members. Here are the details:

June 29, 2000

RE: CVF-NEWS Mega Round-up

Wow, I leave the state for just a few days and come back to find a bunch of important things have happened. This edition of CVF-NEWS provides a quick rundown of the events of the week, plus some news stories you don't want to miss. I apologize for the length of this email, but there is a lot of info to share and I want to be sure to keep you all well-informed :).

In this edition of CVF-NEWS:

* California's blanket primary initiative thrown out by Supreme Court
* California's Insurance Commissioner resigns from office
* Governor Davis to webcast budget signing ceremony
* Congress passes legislation to require disclosure of contributions to politically active, tax-exempt organizations
* Initiative to lower the vote requirement for passage of local school bonds qualifies for November ballot
* Orange County Register runs eye-opening series on California's lawmaking process (continued)

June 20, 2000

RE: CVF-NEWS Round-up

In this edition of CVF-NEWS:

* Two initiatives are qualified for CA's November ballot
* CVF welcomes new staff and intern
* CVF President to speak at New Haven festival
* Democracy Online Project's testimonies available on the web (continued)

June 9, 2000

RE: Freedom Channel Interview

I'm sending you a Q&A interview I did with the Freedom Channel which ran this week, at The interview covers a wide range of topics, including Internet voting, campaign finance disclosure, and the need for better voter education in the U.S. The Freedom Channel site offers many interesting Q&A's with people involved with the Internet and politics, as well as video clips, campaign ads and much more.

May 24, 2000

RE: Remarks on the Internet and Democracy

I'm back from my trip to Washington, D.C. and had a great time attending the Democracy Online Project's public hearing on the Internet and democracy. The Project is planning to publish text and video testimonies of all panelists on its web site within the next week or two. I'll be sure to notify CVF-NEWS subscribers when that happens, and in the meantime, I'm forwarding to all of you the remarks I made at the event.

I hope that my comments help stimulate a much-needed discussion on how we can improve democracy in the U.S. and, as always, I appreciate hearing your feedback.

May 19, 2000

RE: D.C. Forum on the Internet and Democracy on May 22

I'll be in Washington, D.C. next Monday, May 22, to speak at a forum sponsored by the Democracy Online Project. This project, as some of you may know, is sponsored by George Washington University and funded by a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts. It includes a task force which is studying the role of democracy in the so-called "dot com world". (continued).

May 16, 2000

RE: Internet Voting Commentary in Today's Mercury News

Today the San Jose Mercury News published a commentary co-authored by David Jefferson and myself about Internet voting. David Jefferson and I both served on the California Secretary of State's Internet Voting Task Force, and David has been speaking all over the country about his research into Internet voting. We wrote this commentary after our task force report was released. It provides a summation of the most important issues and concerns David and I identified in our work for the task force.

May 10, 2000


In this edition of CVF-NEWS:

* Get Ready for the Webby Awards!
* Disclosure improvements in California
* 24-hour California News Channel in the works
* New Pew Internet study released today
* Learn How Cookies work on the Net (continued)

April 25, 2000

RE: CA's "Open Primary" Before U.S. Supreme Court

By now many of you have heard that California's "open primary" law (technically a blanket primary) is being challenged before the U.S. Supreme Court. Yesterday the justices heard arguments put forth by representatives of the state, who defended the law (which was enacted by voters as Prop.198 in 1996), and attorneys arguing against the law, representing several major and minor political parties (continued).

April 18, 2000


In this issue of CVF-NEWS:

* CVF updates Top Ten Donors lists for March 2000 CA Propositions
* Get ready for November with CVF's Initiative Watch 2000
* FEC dismisses complaint against Bush parody site
* Complaint filed with FEC against
* DC forum puts spotlight on political privacy on the Net (continued)

March 21, 2000

RE: Thoughts on California's Primary Election

It's been two weeks since the California Primary, and life here at the CVF office has finally slowed down a bit, giving us a chance to catch up on other things. We had a terrific election season, and wish to thank all of you who helped get the word out about (continued).

March 7, 2000

RE: Live Election Returns Via

Well, the big day has finally arrived and I don't know about you, but I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this election turns out! Thanks to the Net, the Secretary of State, and many county election offices, we'll be able to view live election returns for California online tonight, starting after the polls close at 8 p.m. (continued)

March 6, 2000

RE: Lyrics for The Proposition Song

I've had many requests for the lyrics and chords for "The Proposition Song", so I am sending these out to CVF-NEWS. (For the full effect, you can play the song on our web site at

Enjoy, and, as the song says, "let's all be singing along!" (continued)

March 3, 2000

RE: Please Help Spread the Word About!

I'm writing to ask for your help spreading the word about our awesome web site! Here is a little blurb about that you can copy and send to friends to help us get the word out about CVF:

-- cut and paste blurb -- "Looking for last-minute election information? You can find lots on the Web, and there's no better place to start than, the web site of the California Voter Foundation. CVF is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that has been publishing voter information on the Internet since 1994. CVF's site has links to all the campaign web sites, plus resources to help you "follow the money" and find out who the biggest donors are to the proposition campaigns. There's even "The Proposition Song", an animated sing-along presentation that provides a musical overview of all twenty props in less than four minutes! The site is easy to navigate, free to use, and there are no advertisements. This is voter information you can trust! So point your browser to, and get prepared to vote on March 7th!" -- end of blurb --

Thanks for your help!

March 3, 2000

RE: $150 Million Raised for CA Props; Top Ten Donors Updated!

Today the California Voter Foundation released new fundraising figures for California proposition campaigns. Our research found that over $150 million has been raised so far to support and oppose propositions. We have updated our Top Ten contributors figures to include all contributions through February 19, 2000. More details are included in the news release, which we issued today.

March 1, 2000

RE: Internet Voting, Republican Debate News

I've got two important news items for today's edition of CVF-NEWS:

* Internet Voting Moving Forward in Arizona
* McCain to Debate Bush, Keyes in Los Angeles (continued)

February 29, 2000

RE: Presidential Debates, Late Contributions and More

In this edition of CVF-NEWS:

* Presidential Debates in Los Angeles March 1 & 2
* Late Contributions Now Online!
* California Online Voter Guide 2000 -- Better than ever
* Sing Along with The Proposition Song!
* CVF in the News (continued)

February 21, 2000

RE: Upcoming CVF Media Events

I'm off to Los Angeles for a few days to do media interviews about the election and CVF's California Online Voter Guide. If you are in the L.A. area and want to tune in, here's where I'll be:

Tuesday, February 22
The Michael Jackson Show
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
KRLA Radio, 1110 AM

Tuesday, February 22
KCET's Life and Times
7:00 -7:30 p.m., repeats at midnight
KCET TV, Channel 3

Wednesday, February 23
KPCC's "Talk of the City"
9:00 - 9:30 a.m.
KPCC, 89.3 FM

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and feedback on our Proposition Song and Top Ten proposition donors lists. The primary election is coming up fast, so please come visit, check out all our great new resources, and help us spread the word!

February 18, 2000

RE: Top Ten Donors, Proposition Song Now Online!

We are very pleased to annouce that "The Proposition Song" and the Top Ten proposition donors are now online at! Log on, check it out, get informed, and let us know what you think! (continued)

February 11, 2000

RE: California Online Voter Guide Debuts!

Our new online voter guide is up! Please log on to our web site and check it out, at Your feedback, as always, is welcome and appreciated. Please help us spread the word about CVF's new voter guide, available at

More information is included in the news release, which we issued today at our news conference to launch the guide.

February 9, 2000

RE: Coming this Friday -- CVF's voter guide!

The California Voter Foundation's latest and greatest online voter guide will debut on the Internet this Friday. To celebrate the occasion, CVF is inviting the media and our friends to join us for the launch! (continued)

February 1, 2000

RE: CVF News Round-Up

In this issue of CVF-NEWS:

* What California voters need to know about the Open Primary
* CVF teams up with California CapitolWeek to inform voters
* California electronic filing program a success!
* California Online Voter Guide to debut next week
* U.S. Supreme Court's campaign finance decision online
* CVF Prez celebrates six years at the helm (continued)

January 20, 2000

RE: California Moves into Digital Sunlight

Today Secretary of State Bill Jones gave the news media a sneak peak at California's new online disclosure program that will provide instant Internet access to California campaign finance disclosure reports. The new system, called "CAL-ACCESS" allows candidates and other filers to submit their disclosure reports electronically via the Internet. Once received, the reports are instantly published online at where the public can view them. Jones demonstrated how the system will work with his own disclosure report today (continued).

January 18, 2000

RE: Internet Voting Task Force Report

Today, California Secretary of State Bill Jones released the Internet Voting Task Force's report. As some of you may recall, the task force was first convened in March, 1999 to study the feasibility of Internet voting in California. It was my pleasure and honor to serve on the task force, along with many talented and dedicated technology and election experts. Our report outlines four stages of Internet voting:

Stage One: Internet Voting from Voter's Traditional Polling Place
Stage Two: Internet Voting from any Internet-Connected Polling Place
Stage Three: Remote Internet Voting from County-Controlled Computers or Kiosks
Stage Four: Remote Internet Voting from Home or Office Computers (continued).

January 13, 2000

RE: Initiatives, Internet Voting, and More

In this issue of CVF-NEWS:

* Initiative Watch 2000 Updated
* Coming soon: The California Online Voter Guide!
* Digital Sunlight California
* Internet Voting
* PPIC Survey -- Californians, the Internet and Politics
* CVF in the News
* CVF Announcements (continued).

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