California Online Voter Guide

Fall '94 Edition

This voter guide was the first published by CVF, with support from Pacific Bell's Knowledge Network. One of the first voter resources ever available on the Internet, the '94 voter guide was originally built as a gopher site and was republished as a web site in May, 1998.

Democracy Online is CVF's project evaluation that explains how the guide was developed, and what CVF learned from this pioneering experience.

1994 Online Voter Guide Directory

California Online Voter Guide

Statewide Candidates (job descriptions, biographies, platform papers, endorsements, speeches, news releases, past & present officeholders)

U.S. Senate

Lietuenant Governor
Attorney General
Secretary of State
Superintendant of Public Instruction
Insurance Commissioner

Statewide Measures (Proposition 181 and 183-188, California Journal's Analysis)

California Political Parties (party statements)

California Newspaper Endorsements

Easy Reader Voter Guide
(produced by the Center for Civic Literacy)

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The material included in this voter guide is archived and will not be updated. Please visit the California Voter Foundation's homepage for the most current information and resources.

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