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Following the 2000 Presidential election, the modernization of voting equipment became a major issue in California and across the country. Visit the background page for more information about CVF's position and involvement in the voting technology debate.

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How You Can Help

Visit to find out how to get involved in your local area. Become an expert on your local voting system, and get informed about voting system certification on the California Secretary of State's web site. Subscribe to CVF's email newsletter CVF-NEWS to stay informed. If your county will be using paperless touchscreen voting machines this November, request an absentee ballot and vote on paper this November.

Additional Resources

New to the Issue?

Read CVF President Kim Alexander's recent address to the Commonwealth Club to get up-to-speed on the voting technology debate, or listen to the archived August 5th "Radio Times" program about the voter-verified paper trail and featuring Kim as a guest. Other resources include David Dill's 2-page introduction to the issue, Warren Slocum's summary of the voter verified ballot issue, and the latest voting technology news on

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