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The articles and commentaries below provide a history of the story behind California's enactment of the landmark Online Disclosure Act of 1997, which mandated electronic filing and Internet disclosure of California campaign finance and lobbying reports.

Revealing State Secrets
Article by Charles Lewis, Center for Public Integrity
Columbia Journalism Review
May/June, 1998

Political reform the old-fashioned way
Column by Peter Schrag
Sacramento Bee
October 15, 1997

Californians will gain easy, computerized access to political disclosure records
San Jose Mercury News Editorial
October 15, 1997

Campaign Finance Reform goes public -- Kim Alexander is leading a crusade to electrify the electorate
Article by Rob Riddell
The Web Magazine
October, 1997

Electronic sunshine: Campaign disclosure on the Internet is a real reform
Sacramento Bee Editorial
October 14, 1997

State campaign finance reports to go on Internet
Article by Bob Salladay
San Francisco Examiner
October 12, 1997

Calif. Campaign filings to go online
Article by Jeff Pelline
October 12, 1997

California Governor signs bill to put campaign donations online
Article by Rebecca Fairly Raney
New York Times' Cybertimes
October 12, 1997

New law mandates filing of campaign records online
Article by Mary Anne Ostrom
San Jose Mercury News
October 12, 1997

A tool against voter apathy
Los Angeles Times Editorial
September 24, 1997

Legislature sends Karnette bill requiring campaign reports on the Internet to the Governor
News release from Senator Betty Karnette
September 11, 1997

Bill to put campaign contribution data on the Internet clears Legislature
News release from Secretary of State Bill Jones
September 11, 1997

Trying to Drag Donation Data Into Cyberspace
Column by George Skelton
Los Angeles Times
September 11, 1997

Political Reform via Internet
San Francisco Examiner Editorial
September 10, 1997

Why Kim Alexander is beaming
Jack Kavanagh's Rough & Tumble newsletter
September 10, 1997

Who gave how much to whom?
San Jose Mercury News Editorial
September 9, 1997

State Closer to Reporting of Donations on Internet
Article by Robert Salladay
San Francisco Examiner
September 8, 1997

Bill would put funding reports on Internet
Column by Daniel M. Weintraub
Orange County Register
September 7, 1997

Once Again, California Debates Putting Campaign Donors Online
Article by Rebecca Fairley Raney
New York Times' Cybertimes
August 14, 1997

A 'Net Gain for California
Los Angeles Times Editorial
August 13, 1997

State Budget, Governor's Office opposition threaten electronic filing bill
Article by Corey Grice
Capitol Alert News
August 12, 1997

Task force tackles campaign filings
Article by Courtney Macavinta
August 6, 1997

Bill to Put Donations on Internet Could be Budget Victim
Article by Steve Lawrence
Associated Press
August 6, 1997

Voters need a way to follow money online
San Jose Mercury News Editorial
July 31, 1997

Privacy snags campaign finance postings
Article by Courtney Macavinta and Tiare Rath
July 25, 1997

NY Democrats list GOP donors on Web site
Editorial by James Dao
New York Times
July 24, 1997

Political donors online: Vital data needed to make Internet reporting useful
Sacramento Bee Editorial
July 20, 1997

Bill to limit finance info a 'stretch'
Column by Carol Baker
Daily Breeze
July 20, 1997

Virginia leads nation in electronic disclosure; Non-profit puts campaign information on Internet
Virginia Public Access Project news release
June 25, 1997

Campaign-Finance Documents Going Electric
Article by Ashley Craddock
Wired News
June 17, 1997

Political Money, On Line
New York Times Editorial
June 13, 1997

One Step Closer To Online Disclosure
San Francisco Chronicle Editorial
June 10, 1997

Show voters the money - on-line
San Jose Mercury News Editorial
June 6, 1997

California Government Edges into Digital Sunshine
by Ashley Craddock
Wired News
June 5, 1997

Campaign finance on-line
San Francisco Bay Guardian Editorial
June 5, 1997

Campaign reform coming online
By Courtney Macavinta
June 4, 1997

Candidate electronic filing needed in Ohio
Citizen Action Research Press Release
May 30, 1997

Graft Online -- Interview with Kim Alexander
Article by Wyn Hilty
Orange County Weekly
May 29, 1997

Pennsylvania Governor Ridge Unveils Plan to Computerize Campaign Finance Reports
PR Newswire
May 20, 1997

California lobbying directory online
By Courtney Macavinta
May 5, 1997

Private Eyes, Public Records
Story by Brian Caulfield
Wired Magazine
May, 1997

Show me the money . . . Will Sacramento finally put finance records on-line?
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Article by Daniel Zoll
April 30, 1997

Online Filing Best Reform
West County Times Editorial
April 22, 1997

Campaign Data: Let Public See -- Computerization of finance reports deserves approval this time
Los Angeles Times Editorial
April 21, 1997

If Hawaii can put candidate finances online, why can't we?
Column by Dan Borenstein
Contra Costa Times
April 20, 1997

California to Digitize Campaign Reform
Article by Courtney Macavinta
CNet News
April 17, 1997

Electronic Sunshine Bill Advances
Article by Ashley Craddock
Wired News
April 16, 1997

Shedding Electronic Light on Campaign Finance
Article by Ashley Craddock
Wired News
April 15, 1997

Leaders try to nudge campaign finance reporting into computer age Article by Mary Anne Ostrom San Jose Mercury News
April 12, 1997

A Proposal to Computerize Campaign Giving
Article by James Dao
New York Times
February 4, 1997

Sacramento Balky About Listing Contributors Online
Column by Robert B. Gunnison
San Francisco Chronicle
January 12, 1997

If you can't beat them, track them -- Secretary of State backs electronic filing
Opinion by Secretary of State Bill Jones
Bakersfield Californian
December 12, 1996

Mugging Campaign Reform
Sacramento Bee Editorial
September 7, 1996

Lawmakers Listen When Money Talks
Column by George Skelton
Los Angeles Times
September 5, 1996

Senate Demos Kill Campaign Reform Bill
Article by Christopher H. Schmitt
San Jose Mercury News
August 31, 1996

Congress should pass electronic filing
Commentary, Gary Selnow
Marketplace, Public Radio International
August, 1996

Let's retire the quill pen
Editorial, The Sacramento Bee
August 7, 1996

Does not compute
Why hasn't the information age caught up with the capitol?

Article by Nick Budnick
Sacramento News & Review
July 25, 1996

Campaign Finance Records Won't Be Online Anytime Soon
Article by Burt Herman, Associated Press Writer
San Jose Mercury News
July 8, 1996

Playing politics with our right to know
Editorial, Oakland Tribune
July 3, 1996

Don't kill election reform again
Editorial, The Sacramento Bee
June 26, 1996

Lawmakers get sudden case of online phobia
Column by George Skelton, Los Angeles Times
June 24, 1996

Partisan battles appear likely to doom revival of online contribution reports
Article by Larry Lynch, Political Pulse
June 14, 1996

BART campaign finances to be online
Article by Charles Burress, San Francisco Chronicle
June 14, 1996

Use Internet to ID donors
Bakersfield Californian Editorial
June 9, 1996

Put campaigns online
Letter to the editor of the San Jose Mercury News, by Mary Washburn
June 7, 1996

Will state Senate pass the political openness test?
San Jose Mercury News Editorial
June 5, 1996

Electronic filing legislation defeated
News Story by Jason Beaubien
June 4, 1996

Dodging Electronic Disclosure
Editorial, San Francisco Chronicle
June 4, 1996

Plans to go online with campaign-finance data pushed off fast track
Column by Dan Weintraub
Orange County Register
June 2, 1996

It's time for candidates to put their money where mouse is
Column by Dan Borenstein, Contra Costa Times
May 31, 1996

Electronic filing loses in Assembly
News story by Jack Kavanaugh
KOVR Television
May 31, 1996

What's to Hide, Sacramento?
Los Angeles Times Editorial
May 31, 1996

Follow the money - electronically
San Jose Mercury News Editorial
May 31, 1996

What's the GOP hiding?
Sacramento Bee Editorial
May 28, 1996

Political donors, lobbyists escape Internet exposure
Article by Dana Wilkie
San Diego Union Tribune
May 25, 1996

On-line filing of campaign data debated
Article by Dana Wilkie
San Diego Union Tribune
May 18, 1996

Reform measure poses dilemma
Article by Chris Schmitt
San Jose Mercury News
May 15, 1996

Time for electronic filing
Sacramento Bee Editorial
April 30, 1996

Voters can get lowdown on candidates via Net
Article by Jonathan Gaw
Minneapolis Star Tribune
April 29, 1996

Senate panel rejects attempt to computerize contribution records
Article by the Associated Press
April 17, 1996

Political Disclosure on the Net? Speier has a plan
Editorial, San Mateo Times
April, 1996

Feed the watchdogs
Vacaville Reporter Editorial
February 27, 1996

David Brancaccio interviews Kim Alexander
Marketplace Radio
March, 1996

Internet project brings valuable SEC data to new audience
Article by Rob Wells
Associated Press
July 2, 1994

Critics Say Affordable Access Lacking to Key Government Database With BC-Edgar
Article by Rob Wells, Associated Press

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