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Tuesday, June 4, 1996 · Page A18

Dodging Electronic Disclosure

ADVOCATES OF open and honest government should be suspicious of California lawmakers repeatedly rejecting bills requiring candidates for statewide office to file campaign finance statements electronically, accessible on the Internet.

Two weeks ago, Assembly Republicans killed in committee one such measure sponsored by Assemblywoman Jackie Speier, D- South San Francisco; a few week before that a similar bill by Senator Tom Hayden, D-L.A., was quashed by Democrats.

Republicans and Democrats in both houses appear unduly squeamish about revealing campaign finances beyond filing papers with the secretary of state as required by the Political Reform Act of 1974. But such paper filings are kept in Sacramento unavailable to most people.

Assemblyman Bruce McPherson, R-Santa Cruz, is sponsoring yet another electronic disclosure bill (AB 1026) that will be presented to the Senate Elections Committee in the next few weeks.

We urge an aye vote. Voters have a right to know who gave how much to candidates and how it is spent.

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