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May 31, 1996

Electronic filing loses in Assembly

Transcript of Jack Kavanaugh's story on KOVR (Sacramento's CBS affiliate) on May 31, 1996:


Among the bills that passed the assembly ..an increase in the number of charter schools ..Repeal of the sales tax on the state and federal taxes on gasoline. ..A bill to require the castration of repeat sex offenders before they are released from prison. ..and on the agenda .. A bill that goes to the heart of the big money at the capitol.



(Lobbyland) the crush of lobbyists in the hallway outside the assembly mirrors the crush of legislation moving across the assembly floor. (legislature) including a bill to make it easier to find out how much money lawmakers take in from special interest groups. (pan of paper sec of state) all that money must be accounted for.. But getting to that information is very hard. (sot Jackie Speier) (d-Burlingame assembly) "..because to access the information of who is contributing to who and who is voting on what bill you have to come to Sacramento ..and review sheaves of papers that go on for hundreds of pages and if you want to take a hard copy away with you.. You've got to pay." Jackie Speier wants those paper reports filed in computer format.. (from sec of state piece) that's what they do in San Francisco. In the mayor's race you could track political campaign contributions from your home computer thanks to the California voter foundation which put the electronic reports on the internet. (legislature) Speier is trying to resurrect her bill from committee where it was killed without debate. (sot Speier) "..the political reform act passed years ago was to make sure disclosure was a key in keeping all of us honest as legislators .. As it's turned out, disclosure has been in name only."


As of a few minutes ago the attempt to get Speier's bill out of committee and on the floor was still pending. Speier says the vote will force lawmakers to go on record on whether they want to make it easy or hard for voters to follow their campaign cash.


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