September 10, 1997

Why Kim Alexander is Beaming -- Because three years of hard work looks like itís finally going to pay off. Kim has been the force behind the legislation to require the electronic filing of campaign contributions. Those reports are compiled on computer anyway, so why not submit them on computer disk. That way they can be easily stored and copied and more important --made available on the internet. Currently they are kept on file in the Secretary of Stateís office -- on paper. Making sense of the paper based reports requires a trip to Sacramento and the patience to plow through a wall of documents.

Secretary of State Bill Jones backs the idea, he was seen lobbying the legislation on the Assembly floor yesterday. That didnít hurt. The measure by Democratic Senator Betty Karnette and Republican Assemblyman Jim Cunneen vaulted off the Assembly floor on a 71-3 vote.

The City of San Francisco has already done this. Campaign contribution reports on the internet were pioneered by Kim and the California Voter Foundation she heads in the last election for Mayor in The City. Itís still there. Take a Look. And while you're at it, take a serious look at one of the most extensive political information sites in the country. Someday all election information will look like this.

Kim Alexander and the California Voter Foundation are making it happen now. There is "sunshine" in that logo for a reason.

The legislation now heads back to the Senate for concurrence. Thereís no opposition in sight. Kudos Kim!