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June 2014 Primary Election

23rd edition

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About this Election

California's Statewide Primary is Tuesday, June 3.


What's on the Ballot?

Federal contests

State contests:

Many voters have local candidates or measures on their ballots as well. Check your county sample ballot, county election office web site and SmartVoter (League of Women Voters of CA) for information on local contests.

Follow the Money follow the money

Learn who the top donors are to California candidates and measures through Voters Edge, a nonpartisan voter guide produced by Maplight. Visit "How to Follow the Money" to learn how to look up state and federal campaign contributions.

About Primary Elections in California

Under California’s new “Top Two Open Primary” system, for this June Primary, all voters, whether registered with a party or not, will be allowed to vote for any candidate of any party in state, congressional, and legislative contests. In these contests, the top two vote getters will proceed to the General election, even if they are of the same party. Click here for more information from the Secretary of State.

Official Sample Ballots and Voter Guides

If you are a registered voter, your county election office will mail you an official Sample Ballot providing your polling place location, a Vote-by-Mail ballot application and information on any local contests on your ballot. In addition, the Secretary of State mails out the Voter Information Guide to each household, covering statewide propositions. These two publications provide the essential information you need to prepare to vote; if you haven't received them, contact your county election office.

Additional Web Resources

Visit CVF's Elections index page for additional election-related resources and archived editions of the California Online Voter Guide. CVF recommends the following nonpartisan election web sites:

Secretary of State - Voter Education

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