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May 2009 Special Election
18th Edition

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A Proposition Poem *

By Kim Alexander, President & Founder, California Voter Foundation


I was down at my polling place just the other day

For some crazy reason they opened it up in May

Well what’s this all about?  It’s how they got the budget out

A deal was cut, the people said “what?”

Oh, the state’s in a fiscal rut


May 19th is the special election day

On six propositions, voters will have their say

Props One-A through One-F, try to fix the budget mess

Take some money from here, shift it over there

Might help get the budget somewhere


The first proposition is Prop One-A

It’s s’posed to help the state save money for a “rainy day”

Those new taxes that just passed? They won’t go away so fast

The next few ones change some propositions

Come along, let’s have some fun!


One-B tweaks Prop. 98 funding rules

That’s money voters set aside to help out schools

The next one’s Prop. One-C, it affects the state lottery

A few years back we passed a cigarette tax

One-D changes how that money gets spent


Looking over my ballot guide,

Wondering which way to vote

This state I’m so crazy ‘bout

She’s pretty much done near broke

Think I’ll go online and talk it over with my friends

There’s a whole lot more at Calvoter-dot-org

Just two more props, we’re near the end


One-E shifts around mental health monies

One-F’s the last, ‘bout lawmaker salaries

A raise they will not get, if the budget’s in deficit

Those are the props for the next Election Day

Be sure to vote on the 19th of May

If you live in the state of California!


* Can also be sung to the tune San Francisco Bay Blues by Jesse Fuller

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