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November 2006 General Election

14th Edition

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The Proposition Song

By Kim Alexander & Friends

Chords: C/D/G7

Oh, there once was a proposition, its number was One-A

The first of thirteen measures to decide by Election Day. (November 7th!)

Arnold and the lawmakers want the first five props to pass

One-A would mandate road funding from the sales taxes on gas.

One-B is a bond act with billions for highways

One-C would build shelters for folks who need a place to stay.

Next we have Prop One-D, a school improvement bond

There’s nine more measures in this song

Pay attention and sing along

It’s the Proposition Song

‘Cause the ballot is too darn long!


One-E protects the rivers, repairs the levees too

One-E’s followed by 83? Confusing, but it’s true.

Sex offender laws will change if we pass Prop 83

84 protects our state from floods. It’s a lot like Prop One-E.

85 requires aborting teens to first inform their folks

Prop 86 funds health programs with another tax on smokes.

There’s just a few more measures to sing of in this song

So hang on friends, we’re near the end, you should all be singing along

It’s the Proposition Song

‘Cause the ballot is too darn long!


If we pass Prop 87, the oil companies

Will pay a tax to fund alternative energy.

Prop 88 would raise taxes to help fund public schools

Prop 89 would rearrange state campaign funding rules.

This lesson’s almost over, just one more prop remains

Prop 90 curbs your city’s use of eminent domain.

It’s the Proposition Song

Let’s all be singing along

‘Cause the ballot is too darn long!


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