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November 2006 General Election

14th Edition

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About the Propositions

California's November ballot includes 13 statewide propositions, also called ballot measures. Propositions are assigned numbers by the Secretary of State, and all require a simple majority to pass.

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Click on the links below for more information on each proposition, including the official summary, campaign contact information and links to campaign Web sites, a list of who signed the arguments for and against each measure, and links to recommended resources such as campaign finance reports and other nonpartisan voter education materials. For a quick review of each measure, play and sing along with The Proposition Song.

  • Proposition 1A - Earmarks gas sales tax funds for use on transportation programs only

  • Proposition 1B - $20 billion bond for transportation improvements

  • Proposition 1C - $2.85 billion bond for low-income housing and shelters

  • Proposition 1D - $10 billion bond for public education facilities improvements

  • Proposition 1E - $4 billion bond for levee improvements and flood control

  • Proposition 83 - Mandates residency restrictions and GPS monitoring for sex offenders

  • Proposition 84 - $5 billion bond for safe drinking water, flood protection and park improvements

  • Proposition 85 - Requires parental notification for minors terminating pregnancy

  • Proposition 86 - Tax on cigarettes; provides funding for hospital emergency services

  • Proposition 87 - Tax on oil producers; provides funding for alternative energy research

  • Proposition 88 - $50 per parcel property tax; provides public school funding for K-12

  • Proposition 89 - Public funding for political campaigns; corporate tax increase

  • Proposition 90 - Limits ability of government to acquire private property and regulate land use


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