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The Archive of Campaign Promises is a feature of the California Voter Foundation web site that provides the public with convenient access to reliable information about campaign promises made by California candidates who are elected to public office.

The California Voter Foundation has been publishing election information on the Internet since 1994, and has over the years built a vast online library featuring thousands of pages of archived California election information. In recent years we have begun collecting and archiving position statements published by candidates on their campaign web sites.

CVF's archive was expanded in 2002 to include "progress statements" provided by California statewide officers describing in their own words what they've done in the past four years to advance their top three priorities from the 1998 election.

CVF's Archive of Campaign Promises is funded with a grant from The James Irvine Foundation. Please contact CVF with any comments, questions or feedback.

2003 Archive

Governor Schwarzenegger's Campaign Promises

2002 Archive

Statewide Officers'
Progress Statements

2000 Archive

Legislative & congressional
candidates' position papers

California Online Voter
Guide Archives

Official Ballot Pamphlets for Past Elections, from the Secretary of State

March 1996-November 2002


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