Special Recall Election Voter Guide

Please note: contact your County Election Office if you have questions about your voter registration status, absentee ballot, or polling place location. For general questions about voting in Tuesday's election, please see our Voting Questions & Answers page. Thank you!

On October 7, 2003, Californians will go to the polls for the first gubernatorial recall election in state history. In 1911, the California Constitution was changed to give the people the right to recall their state elected officials. There have been 31 previous attempts to recall governors, none of which actually reached the ballot.

The ballot will consist of two recall related questions, the first asking whether or not to remove Governor Davis from office, and the second asking who should replace Davis if he is recalled. If Governor Davis is recalled, the new governor will take office immediately following certification of the election results.

Voter Guide Contents
Proposition 53
Proposition 54
Special Election Resources

Also on the October 7th ballot are two ballot measures, Proposition 53 and Proposition 54. Proposition 53 is a constitutional amendment placed on the ballot by the legislature that would require a portion of the state's budget be set aside for infrastructure spending. Proposition 54 is an initiative sponsored by the American Civil Rights Coalition that would ban government agencies from collecting racial data.

CVF's nonpartisan Special Recall Election Voter Guide features links to basic information about the recall election; links to pro and anti-recall organizations and campaign finance committees; a compilation of recall news resources; a list of gubernatorial candidate web sites and campaign finance committees; and pages for each of the two propositions including summaries, official proponents and opponents, and links to additional nonpartisan resources.

A number of counties in California will be using new voting equipment for the October 7th election, and CVF recommends that voters find out what type of technology will be used in their polling places before going to the polls. CVF's voting technology resources page, directory of California voting systems, and map of voting equipment are good places to start. As always, we welcome your feedback, and we hope you find this Special Recall Election Voter Guide helpful.

The last day to register to vote in the recall election was September 22nd.

From the California Voter Foundation
County Election Offices Roster
Voting Questions and Answers
Recall election "primer" for voters and journalists
Map of voting equipment to be used Oct. 7th
County-by-county directory of voting systems
From the California Secretary of State
Voter Information Guide
My Vote Counts!
FAQ about the Election
Information Page on the Recall
FAQ about the Recall Process
Recall Election News
Rough and Tumble's daily summary of recall news stories
Contra Costa Times politics page
KQED radio & TV, including the "Vote by Issue" quiz
Los Angeles Times recall page, including "Faces of the Recall"
Orange County Register recall page
Sacramento Bee recall page
San Diego Union-Tribune recall page
San Francisco Chronicle politics page
San Jose Mercury News politics page
New York Times - California Recall election coverage
Washington Post recall page
Pro Recall Organizations
Davis Recall.com
Recall Gray Davis
Rescue California
Anti Recall Organizations
No Recall
Beat the Recall
Republicans Against the Recall
Follow the Money
Recall Committees' campaign finance statements, from Cal-Access
All electronically filed campaign finance reports, by date
Additional Nonpartisan Resources
Easy Reading Voter Guide
Project Vote Smart
Recall Money Watch.com
Recall Watch
Smart Voter (from the League of Women Voters)

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