Proposition 218

Voter Approval for Local Government Taxes. Limitations on Fees, Assessments, and Charges.

Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Summary: Limits authority of local governments to impose taxes and property-related assessments, fees, charges. Requires majority of voters approve increases in general taxes and reiterates that two-thirds must approve special tax. Assessments, fees and charges must be submitted to property owners for approval or rejection, after notice and public hearing. Assessments are limited to the special benefit conferred. Fees and charges are limited to the cost of providing the service, and may not be imposed for general governmental services available to the public.

Fiscal Impact: Short-Term local government revenue losses of more than $100 million annually. Long-term local government revenue losses of potentially hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Comparable reductions in spending for local public services.

A YES vote on this measure means: Local governments' ability to charge assessments and certain property-related fees would be significantly restricted. Spending for local public services would be reduces accordingly. Many existing and future local government fees, assessments, and taxes would be subject to voter-approval.

A NO vote on this measure means: Local governments could continue to collect existing property-related fees, assessments, and taxes to pay for local public services. Local governments would have no new voter-approval requirements for revenue increases.

The State Ballot Pamphlet, published by the Secretary of State, features the text, fiscal analysis, and pro/con arguments.

Official Contact Information

Proponents: Joel Fox
Richard Gann
Lee A. Phelps
(213) 384-9656

Contact in Support: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association,
The Right to Vote on Taxes Act
Yes on Prop. 218
621 S. Westmoreland Avenue, Suite 202
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 384-9656

Contact in Opposition: Citizens for Voters' Rights
2646 DuPont Drive, Suite 20-412
Irvine, CA 95612
(714) 222-5438

Web Sites

Supporters: None available to date.

Opposition: Citizens for Voters' Rights

Stone & Youngberg's Analysis of Proposition 218

Neutral: None available to date.

This initiative was placed on the ballot through petition of the voters.
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