Below is a list of some of our favorite web sites featuring information on this year's election. If you would like to suggest a link for this list, please let us know.

California League of Women Voters' Election Information 1996 site includes nonpartisan ballot measure analysis in English and Spanish, Questions & Answers on voting and registration, and categorized links to many other sites covering the election.

California News Service is a product of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. This web site features a collection of election-related stories written by the graduate students.

California State Assembly - this site features homepages for members of the California State Assembly, information on committees, caucuses and hearings, the legislative calendar, bill searches, and a tour of the State Capitol.

California State Senate - here you will find lots of valuable information, such as biographies and contact information for all of California's state senators, ballot measure information from the Senate Office of Research, tips on how to participate in the lawmaking process, and information on every bill introduced in the 1995-96 legislative session, as well as the previous one.

Commission on Presidential Debates Looking for transcripts of the Presidential or Vice-Presidential debates? You'll find them at this web site, along with transcripts of past debates going back to 1960, information about the debate sites and DebateWatch '96.

De Tocqueville's Democracy in America Pacific Bell's Knowledge Network and the California Council for the Humanities have teamed up to bring California teachers and students this special multimedia production that includes a web site filled with election-related activites for the classroom.

Easy Reader Voter Guide published by the Center for Civic Literacy, this guide covers the Presidential candidates and California ballot measures and much more. Though it's geared toward adult reading students, many people have found it a helpful, quick guide to ballot issues.

FECinfo Wondering how much money congressional candidates are raising? Look no further. FECinfo, published by Tony Raymond, a former employee at the Federal Elections Commission, provides all kinds of amazing, timely, and useful information on federal campaign financing. This site is a must-see for anyone who's interested in learning how campaign finance data can be published on the Internet.

House of Representatives web site features information on Congress, including a roster of House members who have published their own web sites - you'll find many California representatives on this list.

Indecision '96, is Comedy Central's year-long coverage of the trail to the White House, and offers a lighter look at this year's election with commentary from folks like Al Franken, Arianna Huffington and Chris Rock.

Jack Kavanaugh's Rough & Tumble Political Report - Jack Kavanaugh is one of the most experienced, hardest working reporters around, and he's publishing one of the best Web sites available on life and politics in the State Capitol. Rough & Tumble is a "must read" for anyone looking to get an insider's view of Capitol events.

Kids Voting USA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan grassroots organization with a web site that includes a Constitution test and a sample lesson for educators. In California, Kids Voting has a chapter based in Silicon Valley offering a variety of online resources for students, teachers and volunteers.

Los Angeles Times' Voter Guide offers a collection of the Times' news stories and editorials on the 15 state propositions, as well as links to the Senate Office of Research's analysis for each measure.

1996 US Election Campaign Information's site provides links to nonpartisan, scholarly, and partisan sites for the 1996 presidential and congressional elections with historical context.

PBS' Democracy Project is a mixture of programs and websites designed to enlighten the public about this year's election matters. Web site features include a listing of television programs, an election survival guide, and much more.

Sacramento Bee's daily news page Want to know what the folks in the Capitol are reading? Check out the Bee's daily news coverage online. The Bee also offers the California Report, an excellent daily compilation of state news stories from the Associated Press.

Secretary of State's 1996 General Election Web site features the Ballot Pamphlet, live Election Night returns, election statistics, absentee voting information, and more.

Smart Voter is produced by Smart Valley and seven project partners, including the California Voter Foundation. This site features comprehensive information on Silicon Valley races and measures, and a unique service that allows voters to create a personalized voter guide simply by typing in their street address and zip code. The site also includes discussion forums and collections of articles from the San Jose Mercury News.

Vote Smart Web from Project Vote Smart features all kinds of information on candidates and officeholders, including a nine-digit zip code search that helps voters identify their representatives. If you want to find out the candidates' positions on the issues, be sure to check out their responses to the state and national "politcal awareness tests" available through this site.

Voter Link from the San Jose Mercury News provides news and information about election issues in Silicon Valley and California.

Compiled by Kim Alexander and Andrea Cook, California Voter Foundation. Last updated October 24, 1996. Permission to republish available upon request.


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