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The Proposition Song

  See and Hear the Proposition Song
  Download Flash 4.0
  Hear the Proposition Song (audio only)
  Read the song lyrics
  About the Proposition Song

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About the Proposition Song

The Proposition Song is an animated sing-along Flash presentation co-produced by the California Voter Foundation and We produced this song as a way to make the election more fun and engaging for voters. The song is three minutes long and provides a quick overview of all 20 propositions on California's March 7, 2000 ballot. After the presentation, visitors are encouraged to continue surfing CVF's voter guide to learn more about the 20 propositions.

The tune of the song is a traditional folk melody, adapted by Kim Alexander, who also wrote the lyrics, with the help of many friends. The California Voter Foundation wishes to thank Garret LoPorto, David LoVecchio,, Suzanne Marmion and Capital Public Radio, Leslie DeVries and Jackson Griffith, and our members and funders for making the Proposition Song possible. For more information, see CVF's February 18 news release announcing the debut of the song.

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Download Flash 4.0

In order to view and hear the proposition song on your computer, you'll need Macromedia's Flash Player 4.0. You can download it for free, and it takes just a few minutes to download and install. The set-up process is not difficult if you follow the directions. Just click on the "Download Flash 4.0" link above to get started. Please note: if you see the animated sing-along but don't hear the words, it's most likely because your browser came with the 3.0 version of Flash. For the full effect, you'll need to upgrade.

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Hear the Proposition Song

(audio only)

The Proposition Song is also available in MP3 format. The file size is 800k. Click on the link above to download this audio file of the song, which will play with RealPlayer, RealAudio, Quicktime, or MP3. The song is also available on CD to radio stations that wish to play the song on the air. Contact the California Voter Foundation to request a CD be shipped to your radio station.

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