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Dear Friends:

Here are some of the ways CVF worked for California voters this past year:

  • Supporting the move of California’s Primary from June to March, beginning in 2020

    CVF supported Senate Bill 568, which means that our state’s voters will have a stronger voice in future Presidential elections.

  • Helping to shape new voting regulations to ensure ballots are protected and secured

    CVF sought and obtained changes to  draft state regulations on the use of vote-by-mail ballot drop boxes and the early retrieval of voted ballots. This helps ensure ballot security and sound ballot chain of custody procedures.

  • Supporting the ACLU’s challenge to California’s inadequate laws affecting thousands of vote-by-mail voters.

    Tens of thousands of California voters’ ballots are rejected every election, largely due to problems with signature verification. CVF supported an ACLU lawsuit challenging the right of counties to routinely disenfranchise voters whose signatures don’t match their signature on file without first telling voters their ballot is being challenged and giving them an opportunity to provide a valid signature.

  •   Monitoring and participating in Sacramento County’s implementation of the Voter’s Choice Act

    Sacramento is one of five counties making big changes to how we vote; under the Voters Choice Act (VCA), Sacramento will send every registered voter a vote-by-mail ballot and replace neighborhood polling places with county-wide vote centers. Because these changes bring challenges and opportunities, CVF is deeply engaged with Sacramento’s implementation of the VCA, working to ensure that the county serves its voters well and sets a good example for other counties to follow. 

  • Developing an Election Funding and Governance Proposal under which the state helps pay local election costs and counties provide greater consistency in the services voters receive, statewide.

    CVF convened a working group of a half-dozen organizations to develop a proposal under which counties get the resources needed to provide all voters with equal voting rights and opportunities.

In 2018 and beyond, CVF will keep working to uphold equal treatment for voters and protect our ballots, goals that can best be achieved by increasing funding for election administration and by advancing voting system security and meaningful auditing of ballots.

We do all our work on a small budget, which is why every contribution of any amount makes an impact. Please donate to CVF and show your support for the voters!

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Thank you for considering CVF in your giving plans!

The California Voter Foundation

L-R: Mindy Romero, Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith, Cathy Darling Allen, David Jefferson, Kim Alexander, Susan King Roth, Steve Levine. Not pictured: Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Jack Lerner

Kim Alexander, President & Founder
Prof. Geoffrey Wandesforde-Smith, Board Chair
Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Board Vice-Chair
Prof. Jack Lerner, CVF Secretary
Steve Levine, CVF Treasurer
Dr. David Jefferson, CVF Parliamentarian
Dr. Mindy Romero, Board Member
Cathy Darling Allen, Board Member
Prof. Susan King Roth, Board Member


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